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Website similar to Rotton.com. Due to cirtain legal loopholes it is available and documents the stuff no-one wants to see. Basically a breading ground for rapists and serial killers.
Hey, look its snuffx.com, lets watch some beheadings.
by prof.reg.fritter March 14, 2008
A place to satisify that darker human sense of curiousity.

www.snuffx.com are good starting points.
Shit, did you see that beheading from the shock site the other day, what a face!
by prof.reg.fritter July 10, 2008
The art of female vaginal gas release (a parp) whilst defecating at the same time (shitter). To be a true parpy mcshitter, the women must do this act into a Mcdonalds Mcflurry icecream container. Then a straw or other eating device can be added and served to the customer.
I was up at Gregs house and he made his girlfriend do a Parpy Mcshitter. We then went to Mcdonalds and snuck it into the Mcflurry tray.... I believe a small child died.
by prof.reg.fritter November 08, 2011
Online webcam sex service where whores, ugly people and fetishists display themselves on camera. Occasionally a female who doesn't look like Abraham Lincoln will 'cam up' and the room will instantly be filled with masturbating no-hopers asking (with little success) the womens address.
Hugh: Hey did you see that pretty girl on Cam4 last night?

Terry: Yea, she left quickly after getting her tits out, I think some guy got her address and was threatening going around there and smashing her with his 80 year old penis.
by prof.reg.fritter April 30, 2011
A user of steroids who goes so over the top, in persuit of the perfect body, they're flesh takes the look of metal. The brain reduces to simple, logical (or probably illogical,) commands, such as flex, take more steroids and cause mayhem. After a few months, will be a complete muscle robot and have little or no intelligence.
Jesus, that droider over there just threw that car at that bloke, run!!
by prof.reg.fritter May 17, 2008
Excuse invented by stoners to avoid doing any work. Similar to a hangover but induced by cannabis. Such excuses avoid questions from friends about long term job options or possibly, when the next illegal rave is.
I havn't been into school this week because i've woken up at 3pm with a massive stone over.
by Prof.Reg.Fritter March 07, 2008
Word, usually used by the Welsh, to express dissatisfaction at a situation.

Doesn't actually mean anything to do with unhappiness and is seen by many as an indicator to the average Welsh person’s illiteracy for the English Language. This being somewhat of a paradox, as to most Welsh thought processes that the welsh invented the English Language. This paradox, that the Welsh, apparently founders of the language have no grasp of simple words, and what is, what isn't and what plainly doesn’t make sense words. This is also an indicator towards the average welsh intelligence, being only slightly above nil, good labour providers for the English some say, but now the English have taken that away, they all live in poverty, oh well!
Ow butt, Blyndathfon and Gwyn are tamping that we didnt see Tyfwonaddand his bros during the weekend.
by prof.reg.fritter March 26, 2008

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