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When a girl has big boobs and she wears a T-Shirt. Obviously ripping you off of the magnificent cleavage show through low cut T shirts
Guy1: So how'd the date go?

Guy2: She totally no boobed me.

Guy1: Really?

Guy2: Ya she had some epic boobs but wore a collared T instead of something low cut
by Prof.Elm January 11, 2012
In Urban Dictionary you rarely come across a definition for a word without a cuss word. Personally I believe after the first couple no cuss word definitions the people that work adding definitions say 'fuck this imma add this one it has a cuss word'.
Adder1: Look at this definition

*Adder2 looks*

Adder2: Oh ya look at this, 'Definitions most likely to be added' it uses 'fuck' once

Adder1: Holy hell that's epic lets do it!
by Prof.Elm November 26, 2011

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