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5 definitions by ProStaff

Gangster way of asking someone to share something with you.
Yo, hook me up with some Pringles. I didn't eat for two days.
by ProStaff January 26, 2005
The trot to the pot during diarrhea.
Move! I have the runs!
by ProStaff January 27, 2005
A credit card accepted almost everywhere.
"Visa. It's everywhere you want to be."
by ProStaff January 26, 2005
In times of war, exhausted combat soldiers requiring brief periods to rest and recover are removed from the field of combat to a place of relative safety and security. The military term, Stand Down, is used for such an action.
Stand down, geek! Stop playing Super Mario on the front lines!
by ProStaff January 26, 2005
Apple's software for organizing, and labeling songs for the award-winning iPod.
Apple had just killed Microsoft with its iTunes simplicity.
by ProStaff January 26, 2005