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the principle in life that a woman will never start a text message or a phone call to a man who she is not married to or dating. She wont initiate a text or phone call because women are helpless
Guy1: Ok well i am going to go, text me.
Girl:How about you text me.

*hours later*
Guy1:Man, this girl never calls or texts me
Guy2:Fucking Vagina principle dude
by Privdonut2 May 15, 2009
A guy will not and should not drive more then 20 minutes to see a girl unless there is at least a 75% chance he will hook up.
Girl: Hey you should drive out here and see me!
Guy: umm idk its like a 30 minute drive
Girl:oh come on, dont worry i know the the 20 minute travel rule
Guy:ok on my way
by Privdonut2 May 30, 2009

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