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a) to drink, while intoxicated by alcohol, past the hour of 3AM; b) to drink until sunrise; c) a state of mind that is reached only after 3AM while intoxicated by alcohol
a) We are all going to "Bonetone" tonight.; b) We are going "Bonetone"!; c) "Bonetone" Sessions inside the ride!; d) Primitive-Science always brings the "Bonetone".
by Primitive-Science May 16, 2010
The catatonic state resulting from high amounts of various intoxicating substances, Including but not limited to any thing other than food and water.
"Dude, like i was up all night cracked out", "Sorry officer, been partying all night and a bit crack out", and "After the party we stopped at Denny's and i was too cracked out to eat"
by Primitive-Science October 20, 2009
1. Someone who listens to, plays, remixes, promotes, distributes, and produces "Trance" music. 2. A person being/acting gay. 3. To describe a person or a group of individuals 4. Used as another way of calling someone gay.
That Party last night was so "Trance Magic". Why is your brother being so "Trance Magic"? That dj is so "Trance Magic". Why would i want to see that "Trance Magic" dj Tiesto when i can listen to drum and bass.
by Primitive-Science February 22, 2008
1; a bay area underground radio show based on the theory of broken beat, 2; a underground renegade collective of broken beat djs, 3; a family within the SF bay area EDM community that focuses their effort into undergrounds, renegades, breaking and entering events.
"yo, last night the primitive-science crew ripped it at the renny", "Primitive-Science brings the heat", "Primitive-Science radio"
by Primitive-Science October 20, 2009
1. A Good time 2. To Crack off 3. To Complement
Hey baby, your ass is "crackin". Last Nights party was "Crackin". The fresh Drum and bass cam out and that sh*t is "Crackin!"
by Primitive-Science February 22, 2008
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