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1) cavolata: italian possible way for bullshit

2) arcagnizzare: to arcagnize, rendere una persona o un processo capace soltanto di arrivare a situazioni grottesche e illogiche (making a person or process able to get only to illogical and grotesque situations)

3) bubeggiare, contrary of arcagnizzare
For a correct pronounce, the "gn" has to be read as spanish "ñ"

Ho fatto un'arcagnata = I've made an arcagnata

Che arcagnata! = What an arcagnata!

Devo finirla di fare arcagnate = I must stop arcagnizing

I've messed up better = I've arcagnized

E' un'arcagnata. Ma come diavolo ti è venuto in mente = It's an arcagnata. How the hell you thought to do it
by Prima January 15, 2006

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