15 definitions by PrezMeister

A female peadophile.
eg1. The Prezmeister made up the word shedophile.

eg2. Hannah is the original shedophile
by PrezMeister June 20, 2007
If a guy speaks abou hi five a day he means MASTURBATION.
(Todd on his date with Jenifer)
Jenifer: They do good food here
Todd: Yea, but there's no fruit or veg
Jenifer: ??
Todd: I'm gnnago to the WC to have my Five-A-Day with my meat n two veg
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
This is when you have cyber sex with someone over the internet
E.G. Dave: suck my balls bitch
Tiffany: yea ill do more than that
Dave just sent Tiffany a nudge ...
... And again ...
... And again
Tiffany: Oh Dave!!!
This is called a Dirty Qwerty because of the first 6 letters of the keyboard.
Dave gave Tiffany a Dirty Qwerty. Oh yes he did.
by PrezMeister March 06, 2007
It's like a queef but from a mans pee hole.
Ali: My girlfriend cheated on me so i Cweefed in her eye.

Melvin: Ohhhhhhhh! Cweefage!
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
Pronounced like bastard but with an F instead. This is a term usually used in sport mostly football. This is when someone is a bastard (not litterally) for being fast.
E.G. Big P is running towards an open goal he thinks hes scored however his dreams are crushed by Carlos running up from the halfway line and catching him.

Big P: Carlos is such a fastard!
by PrezMeister August 29, 2007
A person who can only have sex with a man and a woman at the same time. Trisexual = Threesome = Tri
If you don't get the joke here your a Trisexual.
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
A ancient Lithuanian pumnishment where they take the convicted homosexuals and string them up by their ass hair on the highest tree in the village. Then they strip them naked and in full view of the villagers everone laugh and chuck rotten fruit and vegatables at them until they die.
The last man to get sentanced to the Lithuanian Hangman was Pableo in 2006. He shall be sorely missed. =(
by PrezMeister December 06, 2007
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