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1: an ineffective substance that is given to someone who thinks it will have a physical effect on them. Psychology dontcha know...
2: A band that makes the most sublime music i have ever heard. Beautiful, thumping basslines, spine tingling vocals and shuddering guitars....mmmmmm
1: A Placebo was administered to patients in an experiment to see if their illness was psychological or physical
2: My god Brian Molko is one sexy bitch......*goes over all schnoogly*
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004
1: carbonised bread
2: to raise your glass to someone/something
A toast to bread! For without bread there would be no toast!
by Pretty Vacant May 18, 2004
to feel all squishy and nice inside
After seeing a picture of a particaularly cute kitten and/or Brian Molko:
"ooohh...i've gone over all schnoogly"
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004
A Band who ahve just released their bootiful debut album "faded seaside glamour" which contains such gems as "nearer than heaven", "bedroom scene" and "wanderlust". lovely cocteau twins-esque vocals.
i went to see delays at T in The Park. they were amazing!
by Pretty Vacant September 02, 2004
like terrific...only glittery!
My, that David Bowie concert was glitterific!
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004
a small breed of creature which appears to have no legs (in reality, they are cleverly hidden by an XXL black Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit Hoodie) and wears 'sk8er' shoes (usually vans or similar) which are also several sizes too big. this clothing strangely seems not to impede the minimoshers 'skate moves' which they perform on their £4.99 argoskids skateboards which granny bought them for their birthday. they spend their days (when not at primary school) doing 'jumps' off the edge of pavements into the path of oncoming cars.
awwwwww look! its a minimosher! aw theyre so cuuuutesy...
by Pretty Vacant September 02, 2004
and exclamation of frustration
my god i am so annoyed! argle!
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004

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