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Spanish word for Latin Goddess. Used to describe a perfect "10" spanish girl.
Check out Josh's girl, Sarah, she's right off the boat from Guadalajara, she's definitely a Diosa Latina!
by PresidentPorter June 30, 2011
The reoccuring theme in Disney Movies that in order to have a happy ending, one must first go through a conflict and after hurting their partner and others, their partner must then give a second chance to love.
People make Mistakes, Growth doesn't happen by chance, if happens by Change, and if you don't change you don't grow... Your boyfriend made a big mistake, but I think he has learned from it and grew. He deserves one of those Disney's Second Chances for sure.
by PresidentPorter December 07, 2011
An employee of Any of the Walt Disney World Resorts. They refer to themselves as Cast Members and their respective places of work as stages. They adhere to a set of rules and guidelines that are fairly secretive to promote great synergy and atmosphere.

Also abbreviated as "CM" or "WDWCM."
I had a really good experience with Josh, a Walt Disney World Cast Member in recreation at one of the Water Parks.
by PresidentPorter November 12, 2010
When someone who is a douche bag does something douchy to you, usually pronounced with a spanish accent, emphasis on the "u."
Ricardo got Duchtz by his roommates the other day.
by PresidentPorter July 11, 2011
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