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another word for a marijuana pipe, which is also commonly known as a bowl. In reality a "bowl" looks more like a ladle than a bowl as it has a handle.
Bill: Yo later tonight wanna pack a bowl and hang out at the park?
Ben: What the hell who calls packs a "bowl" anymore...its clearly a "ladle" get with it playa. oh and ya i'm down to go.
Bill: I can't keep up with all this change in terminology that you young kids got going on.
by PresOfDaFriends February 05, 2011
A variation of the oh so popular phrase "hit it and quit it", which of course references someone having sex with some1 quickly and getting on with their day and or life. Just for clarification the "bust a load" portion has to do with the act of ejaculating during intercourse and the "hit the road" part means just that...leaving the scene of the crime.
Ray: So... i heard u're trying to get with my girl Jenny over there.
Malik: Listen playa...i'm not tryna "get with" her...i'm tryna get it in with her. I just wanna bust a load and hit the road... u kno no strings attached.
Ray: iight den, i respect that
by PresOfDaFriends March 02, 2011
any surface at around ass level that serves as a make shift seat. Common types of ass shelves are window sills, arms of chairs, any sort of ledge, and if your creative your friends. As the word "shelf" suggests in the term, ass shelves serve as the perfect place to store your ass when a regular chair just won't do the trick.
Queefy: " Oh hey, who would have known that your arm would make such a great seat! I could sit here for days."
Hoeleen:"Don't look at me...I'm not ok with being your ass shelf!"
Queefy: "Lies...your loving every second of being my ass shelf ;) ! "
by PresOfDaFriends May 20, 2011
about a half gallon or 1.75 liters of alcohol. Containers with this amount of alcohol often has a "handle" for easy transport. However not all of these containers have handles per say, some have "grips" built right into the container, so shouldn't these be called grips vs. handles?! A grip is a "handle" that has a "grip" instead of a handle...it only makes sense.
Jimbo: Yo playa I'm tryna get crunk tonight u got that alch?!
Kenny: U kno i do man... i got a few grips of vodka in the trunk! We're def not gonna remember shit tomorrow.
Jimbo: iight den, i'm down to turn this into a shit show FAST.
Kenny: GET IT!!
by PresOfDaFriends March 03, 2011
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