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A loud, drawn out, obnoxious, and salacious pronunciation of "yeah" said as a means of indiscreet sexual innuendo.
(2 girls giving each other a hug) YEEEEAAAAAAAAH!
by Pre1982Penny January 20, 2010
When medical students have non-stop happy hours during their last year of medical school since they actually have time to do things. It's part of the their ritual attempting to have real lives before residency starts.
These residency interviews are killing me. When are the 4th Year Happy Hours going to finally start?
by Pre1982Penny January 11, 2012
Said in a perverted manner when you are simulating ejaculation during an especially salacious conversation.
1-"Wow she's looking good."
2-"Tss Tss."
by Pre1982Penny January 11, 2012
When a Greek Orthodox priest comes over to bless your house, but instead takes a horrendous crap in your bathroom.
The priest totally fooled us and gave us a Greek blessing.
by Pre1982Penny January 20, 2010

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