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2 definitions by PracticeSafeLunch

The awkward get together your parents make you go to where you stand around for hours with random relatives, some of which you either despise or don't actually know.

They come up to you and shout random things and kiss your cheeks.
Mom- You have to go to the family reunion! You have no choice!


Aunt Sally- My! You've grown! You look just like your Uncle Rufus!
Kid- Oh thanks!
Then, to him/herself: ...Rufus is the ugliest fuck I've ever met...
by PracticeSafeLunch June 13, 2010
22 5
The insane hunger that starts to creep up on you the longer you stay up after midnight. By the time it gets to 3, maybe 4am, you're completely ravenous.
Kayla and I decided to pull an all-nighter, but her mom caught us grabbing snacks at 2am and told us to go to bed. Damn After-Midnight Munchies!
by PracticeSafeLunch August 06, 2010
3 1