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A phrase given to a girl or woman who looks very attractive from a distance only to turn out butt ass ugly up close.
Guy 1: Bro that waitress last night was a 40 yard faker!

Guy 2: really?

Guy 1: yea i was like, "damn she's hot" until she came up and asked us for our order.
by PowerKing March 14, 2011
A beautiful angel who was set down on earth to love and give off happiness and when brought to anger to defend herself and attack mode .. she is kind and will give multiple chances even though people d ok jot need them she will always be faithful and truthful to people. She will have everyone back when need.she is a true blessing so when come across her do not loose her cause she is special . You may play her and lead her on but she will still stay by your side everyday
Gillien is so trustworthy.
by powerking April 29, 2015

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