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If homosexuality was an earthquake, this would be the epicenter.

There are so many rainbows in San Francisco that the hippies have psychedelic siezures.
by Poster Nutbag June 11, 2003
A dead cat that used to be Jimmy's pet. But now Jimmy wants a dog.
Dad- Son, I have some bad news
Jimmy- What is it Dad?
Dad- It's about your cat, Poster
Jimmy- Poster Nutbag ??
Dad- Yes
Jimmy- What is it Dad?

Dad- ...Your cat DIIIIIIEEEEEEEDD !!!
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
British Small Arms,
discontinued motorcycle manufacturer of western Europe in 50's and 60's
My BSA ran over your Indian
by Poster Nutbag June 23, 2003
A bizarre new stand up game in Japan with an ass manequin sticking out the front. In your hand is a giant plastic finger that you're supposed to ram into the ass as rigorously as you can while the characters on the screen scream in pain and make silly faces.
Just wait til this hits the states !
Jimbo is the boonga boonga champ. He can really RAM that plastic finger into the ass manequin with strength and finesse.
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
What the governmental board of health thinks is a test of your physical ability. Most boys can't do more than 3 1/2 and girls don't even have to do them, what kind of sissy bullshit is that?
Fat Sammy the fourth grader passed out and went into a coma after one push-up. All the kids laughed at him. Then they did the rope climb.
by Poster Nutbag June 19, 2003
Adding to the argument that Spaghetti is really a Hebrew dish that orginated in Israel in the 14th Century.
The noodle part that grows on the Farfalle tree.
The Joodle will never Farfalle from the tree.

by Poster Nutbag May 23, 2003
Filler that you add to a song when you don't know the words.
Oh say can you see !!
By the dawns early light !!
What so shimma nimma ho !!
and the tight wire's last streaming !!

"I believe I can fly....!!
I believe shimma nimma ho ...!!
Shimma nimm I can Fly !!!"

by Poster Nutbag May 23, 2003
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