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A formal and overall polite way to greet a woman (or a group of woman by adding an 'n' to the end of Schlampe) in German. Literally means 'Good day my Lady.'

Jonny is walking to school. He sees a romantic interest talking to a group of her friends, and wants to gain her attention. As he walks past, he shouts, "Guten Tag meine Schlampen!"


Robert is looking to get a raise from his boss. Hoping to impress his superior, he greets his female boss by saying "Guten Tag meine Schlampe!"
by PossumCuber November 16, 2010
Possums are awesome as a result of their ability to rhyme their species name with the word awesome in the English language.
I heard that concert like that was pretty Possum!
by PossumCuber September 26, 2009
Someone who tries to tell you that there are more nerves in your brain than in your gut, just because of something they found in a book, even though your gut's telling you they're wrong. Anyone who gets that reference gets a cookie.
Person 1:That guy's an elitist. He just tried to tell me *insert fact here* when really it's *insert bias opinion here*
Elitist:But *repeat fact* is true. Look here *opens book*
Person 1:ELITIST!!!! 3L337157!!!!!
by PossumCuber November 02, 2009
A godless person who uses reason and science, rather than divinity, to explain his beliefs. Not to be confused with agnostics. These people can be identified either by how much they know about science, or by how much they burn when you put a match to their skin. Atheists burn like flash paper.
Person 1:That guy over there? He must be an Atheist. Did you see the way he just burned up in flames a few seconds ago?
Person 2:SHH!!! He's not an Atheist! that's part of a practical joke involving lighter fluid!
by PossumCuber November 02, 2009
There is no way in any language, with the exception of one dead dialect of Russian to define Chuck Norris, other than the name Chuck Norris. All other attempts to define Chuck Norris fail, and should be given thumbs downs.
Chuck Norris... Yeah, you get the picture.
by PossumCuber October 14, 2009
Kiy-tii v.
1. To win, or to succeed.
2. to attract large numbers
Kitteh... yeah...
by PossumCuber February 13, 2010

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