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Specialized paper that strippers wear & when they scratch it, a bright flash is produced.
Coco told me about flash paper & I was amazed. What a sight to see!
by Starchylde May 20, 2016
or 'flash'; -money, currency, tender, big-uns, etc!

flash paper is a type of paper used in the laboratory that goes 'up in smoke' very quickly, upon encountering certain chemicals or reactions. -very direct parallel to the fate of ones' money!
i was going to 'get funky' tonight, but now i ain' got no flash paper!!

the club bouncer quickly pocketed john's flash, and promptly let him in.

ace was fighting to come up with more flash paper!
#here #today #gone #yesterday #poor #hustler #reaction #inaction #no action
by michael foolsley August 19, 2010
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