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i.e WW - Window Worthy

Used to describe attractive people who are worthy of sitting in the windows of restaurants and bars to attract customers.
(to be read in a french accent)
<waiter 1> Ah Jean Pierre, zeez sree ladies are veray attracteev.
<waiter 2> Oui, so zey are. Zey are how you say? Window Worzee.
<waiter 1> Tres bien.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
Not Quite Our Class Darling.

Used by PSGs and PSBs alike when describing lower class beings, e.g Chavs and such cretins who grace the earth only to irritate posh people.
<PSG 1> Oh Samantha look, that boy has ruined a perfectly respectable jumper by sewing burberry patches on the elbows!
<PSG 2> He is obviously NQOCD.
<PSG 1> Quite.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
Public School Girl

Easily identifiable by shiny hair tossed casually approx. every 3 minutes, designer handbags, daddy's porsche and secret smoking habit. Pashmina ESSENTIAL.

Favourite things include getting laid by their gardeners, going to raves and maxing out daddy's credit card in Harvey Nicks.
<Pirate 1> Thar be a PSG.
<Pirate 2> Aye! So thar be.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
Know What You Mean

ref: see 'KWIM'
<person 1> Do you KWIM?
<person 2> I KWUM
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
Public School Boy

Easily identifiable by 'bed hair', collars up, scruffy looking designer clothes and scarf accessory.

Favourite hobbies include getting stoned, shopping with mummy or daddy for the latest monogrammed Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and attending raves.

Ref: see 'PSG'
<Pirate 1> Thar be a PSB.
<Pirate 2> Aye! So thar be.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
Herbal Refreshment

A cigarette
<PSG 1> Would you like some HR?
<PSG 2> Yes, yes i would.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005
A posh person inclined to use and abuse PSB types, the richer the better. Very able in the skill of social networking, a tendency to gatecrash promising events. Usually has one or two close partners in crime and is valued by many as a 'laugh and a half'. Full of useful facts and advice, her name also means pleasurable and is 'imoan' backwards. 'Nuff said.
<PSB 1> Naomi's a laugh and a half.
<PSB 2> Basically, yah.
by Posh Nosh February 15, 2005

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