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Incredibly brutal, violent and effective martial art originating from Thailand, originally taught to Thai soldiers as part of Krabi Krabong.

Famous for its mind-blowingly fast and powerful kicks.
I saw some Muay Thai practitioner kill a guy with his bare hands.
by Pornocrasizzle November 22, 2003
1. Substitution for something not to be said out loud.
2. Substitution for something that cannot be thought of at the present moment.
3. Question, literally meaning either
i. "Are you still listening?"
or ii. "Do you think you understand?" (informal)
1. - You want me to ... you know ... ?
- What, suck me off?
- Yeah.
2. - So I decided to give her that thing.
- What thing?
- The thing, you know.
3. - She didn't like the thing, so she dumped me. You know?
- Yeah.
by Pornocrasizzle December 18, 2003
Government ruled by prostitues or harlots.
There was a brief period when Greece was a Pornocracy, however, these days, there are no Pornocracies left.
by Pornocrasizzle October 14, 2003
Netspeak (read: bastardization) of the words "They're" and "Their".
There dog likes to watch whenever there having sex.
by Pornocrasizzle December 18, 2003
The process by which a female's engorged clitoris is inserted into the hole at the end of a male's (or shemale's) penis.

Made known to the world by the book "Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow"
In order to restore our love life, I suggested that rita clitfuck me some time.
by pornocrasizzle October 14, 2003

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