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Practically everyone on this website. I think that 98% of this websites definitions include porn. Why are you so obsessed with "jizz" and "fucking girls" is it because you know every sex move but your a 56 year old virgin and when the time comes, you dont have a clue what to do so you kick the 96 year old woman out and just cry.

P.S: whoever thumbs this down is the word im describing and you know it.
Person 1 on net: i fucked that hoe bad last night
Me: no you never you loser, your a virgin and admit it. Dont be insecure just because you made out with your mum when you were 13years old.
person 1 on net: Just because you never done it.
Me: Does it matter? im out there making freinds and getting a life, while your at your computer licking your screen and realising its never gonna happen; you PERVERT!
by Porkstork January 21, 2007
hmm.. interesting, many people on this site are hypocrits. YOU think you can hide by saying racist comments, cmon seriously picking people to be editors is pretty foolish. i dont care if this isnt added. as long as someone reads it and is a reasonable person im happy. i just want the reader to know the effect it has on everyone.

Ever tried searching your race?Religon?skin colour?language?your god? I have. you cannot find one of these pages without a single racist comment. How would you feel if someone was rude to you? Of course you would not like it. I am a muslim and have searched the words,"allah". "muslim". arab" everything you can think of. I respect that people are entitled to their opinion and have a right to speak, but this comes with responsibility; try searching those words and see the horrid, hurtful, tearful, pathetic and annoying.

It can stop now! YOU can do your part. just follow the rules and do not counter-definiton someone who is hurtful towards you or something to do with you, all you need to do is ignore this and make at least (this idea came from a very amazing tear jerking film called pay it forward, must see!) 3 very good, funny, rule obeying definitions. People see this and they make 3 good definitions, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger! It really works, never doubt it, just have faith with yourself and others.

thanks for taking your time to read it.
Dont be part of the problem, be part of the solutin; make urbandictionary.com a funny place, a happy place, a REAL urban dictionary.
by PorkStork March 27, 2007
My P.E teacher, Mr person said it once, but we always use it against him. It started off with a game of basketball and when we had 7 points, he mispronounced it and said "SHEVEN!"
"Oh... hes going for a shot... will he make it.. IT'S...IT'S ... SHEVEN!!!!!!!"
by PorkStork February 14, 2009
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