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1- The preferred method of asking someone if they are aware of the signs and tell-tale indications that make another aware of the person in question's homosexuality. This phrase was made famous in the movie, 'The 40-Year Old Virgin'.
PAUL: "You know how I know you're gay?"
GREG: "How?"
PAUL: "Because you have a triangle rainbow bumper sticker on your car that says, 'I like balls in my face.'"
GREG: "That's gay!?"
by PopFreeMonkey March 01, 2007
1- Slang for expressing the need or desire for expediancy; most noticeable in the speech of stoners and surfers, and stoner-surfers.
MAN: "I'm late for work how long will this take?"
STONER-SURFER: "Oh dude, I'll hook you up pronto."
MAN: "Thanks!"
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007
1- Boring Definition: Olympian Diver famed for breaking his head on the diving board and covertly leaking AIDS into the pool.

2- Cool Definition: Sexual act. Performed by engaging in intercourse and bending your partner over a coffee table or other low surface requiring them to use their arms to hold themselves up. At a climatic moment you pull their arms out from under tham causing their face to bounce off of the coffee table, must yell 'Greg Louganis!' See also Tony Danza
1- Greg Louganis was a dick head to give the pool AIDS like that.

2- Megan is so dumb. I'm totally gonna give her the Greg Louganis tonight, man.
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007
Defined: Beyond the limits of expectations, especially applicable to the boundaries of idiots and morons.
You'd think he'd understand that I don't want to be with his sappy ass but he keeps sending me flowers and saying he can change and blah blah... it's getting re-goddamn-diculous!
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007
1- Literally: Without a cleaver; lacking a cleaver
Just as the serial killer was about to hack his victim to pieces he realized he left an important tool of the trade at home on the kitchen counter; he found himself cleaverless on a working night.
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007
1- Lacking cleverness

2- Very simple, not requiring witty thought

3- Incorrect spelling of cleaverless
1- Taking a huge risk, he cleverlessly introduced himself as 'Tom the Tiny'.


JILL: "You know how I know you're gay?"
SARAH: "How?"
JILL: "Because you're so gay!"
SARAH: "Wow... that was cleverless."
by PopFreeMonkey February 28, 2007

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