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(V) someone who responds to whatever you post instantly on Facebook.
Dude! I just posted my shit & you commented in record time. Less than 15 seconds makes you a Facebookslinger!
#facequick #facefast #facetime #slingfast #facebookslanger
by Poolwench January 10, 2012
When one has rambled on for too long, whether in a letter, conversation, email, etc; ie:" let's move on!"
So Adrienne. Just wanted to say Blah, Blah, Blah,Blah, Etc. but Anyhoosky...it all worked out!
#whatever #anyways #anyhow #anyhouskey #whadup
by Poolwench January 10, 2012
Progressive mental deterioration that can occur at any age, due to generalized inebriation from to much consummation of wine. It is the most common cause of falling down & crackin your head!
"How many times is Mom going to ask where her Granddaughter is going??? I'm thinkin' she's been at the Wine again......Do you think she might be in the 1st stages of Winezheimer's?"
#wine #inebriation #alzheimer's #drunk #head
by poolwench April 05, 2014
A Combination of the words Yummy & Delicious.

adj. Describing any person, place or thing as superb; of the highest kind of quality. Wonderful, Marvelous or Over-the-top!
"Girl! Check out that guy at the end of the bar. He is Yummdillyicious!!"
#superb #wonderful #marvelous #astonishing #fantastic
by Poolwench June 14, 2012
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