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A sarcastic replacement for the word "rock", especially used by veteran fans of a rock genre to describe younger fans who've joined solely for the purpose of being trendy. It's also used in the form "rawker" to describe a person.
1)Hey, dude, your little sister really seems to be quite fond of hardcore rawk acts like *NSYNC. 2)As we drove past the high school, we turned down our Dead Kennedys album, so as not to give the punk rakers gathered there any ideas.
by Poochoo August 23, 2003
Awsome guy that delivers drugs right to your house for no extra charge.
"he's a drug dealer and he don't even know it"
-R.I.P Mitch Hedberg
by poochoo April 13, 2005
A sarcastic description used to describe obviously phony, "hardcore" fans of either rock music, "nu-metal", or "punk" rock. This comes from their own tendency to purposefully misspell words in "cre8ive" ways in an attempt to be trendy. Calling one a "rawker" may go completely over their head.
"Dude, did you see that yuppie buying spikey arm cuffs and ties with her mom's credit card? She's such a hardcore RAWKER!"
by Poochoo August 23, 2003
An obsessive fan of a band, usually attracted to said band because she finds members of the band sexually attractive, and the music either comes as a second interest, or a noninterest. They have a strong tendency to rely on bands with appealing imagery (stylish pop punk, old glam rock, "hardcore" metal). Fangirls of more "loud" or "heavy" bands usually gravitate towards radio friendly ballads, and have little or no knowledge of the rest of the band's discography. For these reasons, fangirls are cast into the same derogatory category as poseurs by most music fans. Also can be spelled "fan girl".
If you've only got one copy of the band's rarest bootleg, don't give it to that girl, she'll be into another band in just a few months, she's just a fangirl.
by Poochoo August 23, 2003
A mocking description of "creative" misspellings of common words, usually used by idiotic teenagers trying to look "kewl." Vowels are frequently changed, extra letters are either added in or cut out, and similar to "l33t" speak, letters are substituted for similar-looking numbers and characters. There is an illegitimate argument that this is "text messaging" speak, but honestly, how much quicker is it to type "boi" than "boy"?
"The webmaster of the site had typed so cre8ively that I gave up trying to read her page after the first sentence."
by Poochoo August 27, 2003
Slang term for frisbee, originated by hippies. Only the noun, not the verb.
"Hey man, don't hog the bee"
by poochoo April 13, 2005
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