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When it is time for the male to climax, he is to aim his love paste so that it lands back on his own pubes. The male then proceeds to force the face of the female down, teeth exposed, and brush her head side to side, or in a circular motion if you prefer, on the freshly pasted pubes. Don't forget to scrub the tongue.
she was surprised when she was done and i asked her if she had ever had a genital toothbrush, and before she could answer i forced her head down and gave her one.
#toothbrush #tooth brush #tooth #teeh #brush #tooth fairy #dentist #pubes
by Poo-c Juice October 19, 2009
When a male is ready to climax, he will climb on a high area and spill his love juice down onto the female face
I pigeon bomb my wife from a ladder last night !!!
#effiel tower #donkey punch #houdini #the pirate #kabuki
by Poo-c Juice November 07, 2006
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