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2 definitions by Ponyegg

vb; British slang for engaging in sexual intercourse with the wife or partner of a close friend, team member or colleague. Named after England Football Captain John Terry's alleged philandering with team mate Wayne Bridges' wife.
1] I tell you what Fabio, I'd terry your wife at the drop of a hat.
2] Oi Gav, I terried Ian's missus last night, do you think I should pop down the STD clinic?
by Ponyegg February 05, 2010
British slang for a sum of money of £10,000. Named after England Football Captain, John Terry, who was caught by tabloid newspaper News of the World attempting to charge £10,000 to reporters for clandestine and secretive private tours of Chelsea's Football Ground
I went and saw this motor the other night, the geezer only wanted a Terry for it.
by Ponyegg December 21, 2009