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A medical abbreviation meaning "overactive balls syndrome". Symptoms are random surges of anger, frequent screaming, and the urge to kill someone. Generally occurs in someone's teen years.

Person B: "Calm down, Mr. OBS."
by Poncho Franzwarez March 09, 2010
1. When someone says they're going to do something when they aren't going to do anything to support it. Bankers often give lip service.

2. The act of licking a vagina.
Person A: Oh, don't worry, I'll take care of that right away.

Person B: Meh, that's probably just lip service, I won't get too excited.
by Poncho Franzwarez March 11, 2010
1. A phrase used as a sentence filler when trying to remember a word.

2. A codename for a secret term, usually a place or action.

3. A word to describe bullshit, or something that's said to be true when it's really not.

4. Another word for excitement.
1. "I think he was being... uh... flippity flappity... discriminatory!"

2. "Let's go flippity flappity."

3. "That's a real load of flippity flappity."

4. "There's been a lot of flippity flappity on the news lately."
by Poncho Franzwarez December 24, 2009
A word that describes someone that thinks greatly of himself or is bragadocious.
That Johnny is so bragocious, he's always talking about himself.
by Poncho Franzwarez December 26, 2009
A replacement for the word 'yo' or 'you'.
Yallses best be running!
by Poncho Franzwarez December 23, 2009
n. A phrase mentioned in the Warcraft Promise.
Person A: "To the plippity plappity."

Person B: "To the plippity plappity."
by Poncho Franzwarez December 26, 2009
n. A pinky promise done virtually, when you can't link your pinky to the other person. This can be performed over the phone, through a webcam, or even typed. Usually for a couple minutes after the Warcraft Promise both people need to tell the truth.
Person 1: "Repeat after me."

Person 2: "Okay."

Person 1: "Warcraft Promise."

Person 2: "Warcraft Promise."

Person 1: "To the plippity plappity."

Person 2: "To the plippity plappity."

Person 1: "To the flippity flappity."

Person 2: "To the flippity flappity."

Person 1: "To the Republic of {add name here}."

Person 2: "To the Republic of {add name here}."

Person 1 & 2: "May her ugliness be greater than the nontruth."
by Poncho Franzwarez December 24, 2009

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