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19 definitions by Polly

Quite a cool guy. Really groovy and everything. Could be name the Emo King. Likes emo music, which I find completely stupid. Could possibly be completely Awesome, if he tried harder. Complete stoner, which gives him brownie points. He's cooler when he's clean though. ^_^
Ronnie Thrasher is Emo King! All hail his groovyness!
by Polly April 15, 2005
3 11
the small hole where u place you're finger in a thimbal. created one drunken night when we were trying to work out what that hole must be called.
to protect my finger when sewing i placed it into a goupie hole.
by polly November 29, 2004
3 18
Barney is, well, it's me! My name is Barney, and I really enjoy being....'different' from the rest!
'Hi Barney!' Said Polly, the sister of Barney
by polly April 07, 2005
6 40
a fart! originated by polly continued and spread by her m8s!! mostly used by polly robo viki flo izzy and ric!
'ahh i just foxed!!'
by polly April 07, 2005
2 38
n: A person that tries to create a long, romantic kiss by utilizing the multi-peck mechanism, without use of tongue. This leaves the kissee, although drunk, in a state of confusion and despair. This is usually followed by a lack of communication between the kisser and the kissee, signaling the death of the "relationship".
Matt Fennner is such a peckerhead!
by Polly March 12, 2005
10 49