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A total slut who likes to bite the tip of the penis she is sucking, like a bat.
Dude, that batnanna Amanda blew me last night. It hurt like a mother, though.
by Point Zero January 14, 2008
Hypothetically blowing your load over a movie before you can objectively think about it and your response is not reactionary.
He totally premature cinejaculated over Transformers when it first out, two weeks later he realized how much it blows.
by Point Zero February 15, 2008
What Hillary Clinton needs to do every time she opens her god damn mouth.
After Clinton mocked Barack at the debate and got booed, she owes him an Obamapology.
by Point Zero February 25, 2008
The kind of campaigning Hillary Clinton does, sending all who get caught up in that bullshit down that drain, or down in her Sarlacc pit of a snatch.
Hillary's kitchen sink campaign against Obama worked in Texas and Ohio. Fuck them, I hope they get Return of the Jedi'd.
by Point Zero March 04, 2008

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