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The action of holding one's hands up and erratically flicking or wiggling all of their fingers about at a very fast pace. Used to display excitement or fear.
Examples of situations in which a person would employ crawly fingers:

Good - "I'm not going to fucking die!"

Bad - "I'm going to fucking die!"
by PocketAssReturn August 07, 2005
The most offensive word in the history of the world, because it can be used to describe anybody (a person does not have to fit an ethinic group, lifestyle, tc.) to be correctly idenified as a coundis. For example, for a person to be a nigger they would generally have to be black.
Christopher: You are the ugliest coundis I have ever met in my entire life!

Leroy: *cowering in embarrassment, shame, and fear* How could you say a thing like that?
by Pocketassreturn March 20, 2004

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