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Simply put, someone that likes to smoke pot. A lot. Pretty much that's all they spend there money on but that's okay, cause they don't care. Not at all addicted to weed. Just like the feeling. No one calling themselves stoner should be taken seriously. A real stoner can easily be spotted because they're just chilled out people. Like sitting around and talking. Joking, listening to music, jamming out. Stoners are people that, through whatever experiences and influences they've had in life, find that they don't need money to be happy. That the best stuff is free. They also feel that smoking bud is the perfect way to relax and enhance what they'd be doing if they were sober. Maybe watching TV or just skating around. Stoners appreciate and respect those that do not smoke but don't look down on them for doing it. They will always offer but will never bother non-smokers. Why offer? Because it's just the way it is. Bud's meant to be offered, almost as one would offer a drink to a guest or a seat. Very loose and uninhibited. Very loving and not afriad to admit it. Homophobia, sexism and racism just don't mix with stoner culture because it doesn't make sence. How can a black, or a jew or a woman or a gay be too much different. If they're fun to talk to and cool to blaze with, fuck, they're the same as them. Lots od stoners have little motivation for success. Nothing is wrong with this but if it gets in the way of a stoners happiness than they are not a true stoner because a true stoner does whatever makes them happy and if smoking pot and lacking occupation no longer brings them joy and entertainment than they would know it's time to make a change. To smoke with a stoner is fun because there is no pressure. Stoners love to be the one to get someone high for the first time because they feel that they are sharing a gift with he/she who is experiencing marijuana for the first time. The only thing to remember when smoking with a stoner is that they hold certain rules sacred. They will understand if it was an accident or you didn't know, but to purposely break the rules for personal gain is a slap in the face to them.
1. If there's enough weed, everyone gets greens. Starting with those who paid for it, he who brought the piece, etc.
2. No one gets skipped
3. If you have weed of your own, you MUST match
4. Constant smoking of people's bud but never paying will make people not wanna smoke you out so pitch in 5 once in a while
5. Be careful w/ people's pieces. NEVER break one
6. Don't hit it harder than you can handle and cough up and waste poeple's bud
7. Don't be sketchy. You'll either get people caught or annoy them with your paranoia
8. Don't brag about being high or having smoked. It's not cool to brag.
9. Never bring an uninvited guest or guests to someone else's house to smoke someone else's weed unless you know they're cool with it
10. Don't kill other poeple's highs
Smoked two bowls to the dome, a blunt w/ the homie and now I'm sitting at Spruce Skatepark, chillin w/ buds, playing my acoustic guitar just relaxing. People say I'm a stoner and if this is being a stoner whatever, I'm down
by PoFuzzPo July 03, 2007
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