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2 definitions by Pmaxm

The color of the crimson blood when someone bleeds, or you yourself bleeds, or just plain out any type of red blood. By far the best color ever.
Macy: OW, WTF DUDE! you got blood on my sweater!!!
Daniel: But that blood red color matches your eyes
Macy: You are soo right!
by Pmaxm January 28, 2009
A king hobo is a job occupation in which there can only be one. The job of the king hobo is to keep the hobo population in balance. The hobo king must have a master's degree in at least all social science courses. He/she is chosen by a unanimous vote from the united nations. This job occupation is a job occupation for life. Unlike other king-ships, this job is not passed down through the blood line.
James: "Did you hear the United Nations have elected a new king hobo?"

Clark: "Yeah! I am surprised he went to college for every master in his social sciences!"

Maxwell: "I heard about it... He brought a family of hobos into prosperity and our family into the life of a hobo."

James and Clark: "Ouch dude, sucks for you."
by Pmaxm January 31, 2010