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Someone who is so uncool, that they are worse than an Anglesault.
The Dames is such an Angle-Plex for ripping off Scott Keith.
by Plushtar February 24, 2004
To defecate in your partner's mouth after recieving anal sex.
No explanation needed.
by Plushtar February 23, 2004
A fruit who kisses the asses of trolls.
My friend who is only known as CWM, is a chave.
by Plushtar February 17, 2004
1. A whiny little bitch who follows the cool kids around.
2. A worthless pedophile drunk.
1. That Anglesault is such a CWM.
2. Kurt Cobain was a worthless CWM who married his horse, and killed himself.
by Plushtar February 23, 2004
Losers with no lives, who do nothing but surf the internet all day.
That hermit down the block must be a smart mark.
by Plushtar February 17, 2004
A short, fat troll who always cries for no reason.
The music industry is being ruined by Dames like Lars Ulrich and Fred Durst.
by Plushtar February 17, 2004
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