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The body of Jewish law concerning what food Jews are permitted to eat.

Usage note:
Kashrut is a noun. Kosher is an adjective. Kosher food is food consistent with the laws of kashrut.

The noun, Kashrut, refers specifically to dietary laws. But the adjective, kosher, can refer to any item or activity that meets the requirements of Jewish law, like a kosher suit, or kosher sex.
Chef Chris had to familiarize himself with the laws of kashrut when he got hired to cook at a kosher restaurant.
by Ploni Almoni Doe December 03, 2010
Hebrew. (Lit. 'Master of Repentance'). A Jew who was raised outside the Orthodox tradition, who subsequently adopted Orthodox Jewish customs.

Often abbreviated BT ('bee tee'), especially when spoken.

Fem. form is ba'alas teshuvah (Ashkenaz) or ba'alat teshuva (Sephard).

Plural is ba'alei teshuva.
When Sam became a ba'al teshuvah, he started to observe the sabbath, and now he eats only kosher food.
by Ploni Almoni Doe December 03, 2010

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