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Another word for a Ninja, or Samuri. Can be found wearing hair gell and looks damn good wearing it.
"I want to be a uber leet Putman when I grow up to be big!"

"Nice Hair!"
by Player_J July 09, 2009
The guy on Power Rangers Season 2 that gets his ass kicked by the NinjaSamuri Putman. It was an epic battle that lasted 10 seconds...
"Oh no! Its the Giant McMahon!"

"Dont worrie! Putman is on the way!"
by Player_J July 09, 2009

A lard body coworker that everyone hates. He thinks he the most physically fit person in his office. He chews his food extra loud, speaks so fast you cant make out what he's saying, and when you ask him for a blanket he offers you cookies and peanut butter. If you find a dirty bowl on your desk, its his. He has a dirty nappy afro that gets stuck in his teeth. Most of the words he uses start with "Mc" such as: "Lets get McDrunk. I'm McMahon, I'm McAwesome." His career aspirations are to one day work at McDonalds. He also smells of warm mayonnaise.

Also known as McNugget or McChicken.
"Dude, quit acting like a McMahon"
"God I hate that new guy, he's such a McMahon..."
"That McMahon makes me want to punch babies."
by Player_J July 08, 2009
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