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The marvelous breadfish is part bread, part fish.
It's like an inverse sandwich for fishermen and sharks.
by PlayaX September 23, 2004
A well loved wizard whose tricks are ever so clever and usually involves disappearing a cow. He also has a leathery leathery whip which is made of magic.
Everyone loves Magical Trevor.
by PlayaX September 25, 2004
Chocolate bar made by Nestle.
Use the advertising slogan : No Girls Allowed
Chunky chocolate bar
by PlayaX August 03, 2004
The North of England. Where people are friendly and actually say hello to eachother in the street. Unlike the South were if you say hello to anyone you get knifed.
The air is breathable up North with no smog drifting up from the South.
North : Hello - Hello
by PlayaX August 04, 2004
An operating system which people use when they want to pretend they know what they are on about. 95% of all games and worth while software doesnt work on Linux.
Only useful as a server side OS as web hosting isn't the most demanding task for an OS.
I r0x0r coz 1 j00z 1inu><
by PlayaX August 22, 2004
City in South Yorkshire, has possibly the worst football team in the country.
Also known as Donny.
We are doing crap in the footy league lads, lets burn the stadium down for the insurance.
by PlayaX August 03, 2004

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