2 definitions by PlatinumSpade

The act of making each cup touch in the game of beer pong. May also be used to relocate the last cup to the edge of the table. Depending on house rules, you may have limited or unlimited amounts of "gentlemen's."
Guy 1: Look at those fucking cups! What kind of drunk-ass whore set up those cups? You cocksuckers better gentlemen's rule that shit.
Guy 2: Sorry man. I've already had a couple tonight.
by PlatinumSpade January 22, 2011
One who is of bitch nature as they attempt to invade another's buffer seat. This person is usually of jackass nature as well or known to be full of shit.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that jackass who sat next to me in seminar? Who the fuck does that?
Guy 2: Yeah that guy was a complete buffer seat bitch.
by PlatinumSpade January 22, 2011

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