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Ok scene is NOT to be confused with emo! Scene embodies a certaint style and attitude towards life , usually more postive than someone who might be emo. Im most definately not stereotyping, but there ARE some observations ive made....
A Large part of being a scene kid is the style...

Hair:Straightened,almost always w/ sidebangs.Sometimes dyed.
Clothes : tight pants ( girl pants) , tight bands Ts and hoodies. studded belts. Shoes: Vans , skateboard sneakers, sometimes boots.Sometimes slightly bisexual.

Girls: very diverse. Hair usually straightened , dyed and cchoppily cut shoulder length or shorter. Studded belts , beads and polka dots are common. studded belts. usually darker clothes paired and layed with brighter shirts. Vans , flats , and skateboard shoes popular.

Both: * usually ave a thing for myspace. screen names and myspaces have lots of Xxs before and after ( Xx________xX)
* lip piercings
* love of strange sort of cutesy things : polka dots, japanese anime , comic books, colorful jewelry.
* enjoy sayings like : thats the sex , shit , shiznit, rave , ect. The word rad or uber-rad. also rawr and arf. enjoy ghetto sayings that they find entertaining.

listens to : emo, indie , powerpop, classic rock, metal , hard rock , really anything.
by PlastikPerfektion June 14, 2006

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