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Where a woman flips a man upside down on a tire swing and fills his anal cavity with the finest fertilizer available in the vicinity of 5 miles, followed by planting a Chia Pet in the form of Scooby Doo into his back end. During this time the woman will be spewing her woman juices on Scooby Doo for approximately 3 weeks. The woman juices can not be interrupted! After this process is done, take the chia pet out of the dead man's corpse (dead from starvation, the woman had food brought to her, the wolves stole the man's meals) and replant the seeds in the woman's vagina. After her patch grows, the man needs to be flopped on top and gets his scrotum cut open on top. Henceforth killing the plant and bringing the process to an end. The woman is dominant in sex again.
News Broadcaster: "Three men were slowly murdered in the past 3 months by the SAME woman! Sources say that she is preforming the legendary Anal Seed technique, created by the sex crazed asians at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro."
by PlannedBoredom December 10, 2011
A cowssacre is an act in the popular indie game, Minecraft, where a person will find a multitude of cows, then proceed to slaughter each one. Whether it be individual killings, or mass murder.
Miner 1: "Dude let's go on a cowssacre in the forest!"
Miner 2: "NO! Didn't you hear what happened at Virginia Tech?!"
Miner 1: "No, It's ok! This is a video game so nothing on the internet can be directly traced back to us!"
Miner 2: "Oh, ALRIGHT!"
*Gang proceeds to use their admin powers to smite all the cows*
by PlannedBoredom December 09, 2011
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