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when a weather man/woman predicts large amounts of snowfall for any weekday, but the storm never happens. people typically bitch at each other during first-period the next morning
weather guy- "and on wednesday we're expecting 15 inches plus in your town"

Next day, no snow

Teacher- "well that was a snowday fuck-up if ever saw one"
by Planchet March 02, 2010
n. downsydrome specific to natives of asia; may be caused by incest with close relatives or fornication with electronic devices
Ho Chi Minh- "what are your feelings about Aunt Sally?"

bro- "very attractive female. very. But if i stick my chopstick into her ricepaddy, mightn't the child have pork-fried downs?

Minh- "no worries. bring baby to China, i hear they're kind to children"
by Planchet March 02, 2010
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