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A place Urban Dictionary users rarely venture out into.
I'm just being honest.
by PizzleFashizzle November 16, 2004
A character in Salad fingers who persued Salad Fingers because he stole his nettle carrier. Later on died due to slamming his head against Salad Fingers' door. Was known for wearing a BBQ apron.
You look like your name's Milford Cubicle.
by PizzleFashizzle September 03, 2004
Fake carbon fiber. Often seen on ricers.
Johnny has a farbon ciber hood on his 91' Civic.
by PizzleFashizzle August 02, 2004
Nissan Syline GT-R engine. RB stands for race bred, DE stands for something that I don't know, TT stands for twin turbo. 2.6 liters, DOHC, 276 HP, although some people have dynoed stock GT-R's and gotten numbers in the 300 HP range.
RB26DETT pwns j00 n00b.
by PizzleFashizzle July 26, 2004

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