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5 definitions by Pizza Hut Suitcase

An ailment of the blood vessels as a result of excessive partying.
I can't come out drinking tonight, I've got partyovascular disease.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase May 08, 2008
16 0
Pronounced WAHHHHHvalanche. When one person starts crying and others join in as part of a chain reaction. Prevalent especially amongst drunk girls.
Once she started it created a wahvalanche and all the other girls were crying.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase March 22, 2008
20 10
Any Bollywood movie. The term comes from the fact that Bollywood movies are, for the most part, a collection of Singh's united in song and dance.
The only reason I saw that singh-a-long was for Aishwarya Rai.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase August 01, 2008
12 6
Being unemployed. Having no profession. Being a professional at being profession-less.
After 9 months of unemployment, I've had an epiphany - I'm a nofessional.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase February 09, 2009
6 1
A loud, buzzing fart.
I thought I was alone in the bathroom until I heard a poovuzela from the stall next to mine.
by Pizza Hut Suitcase June 27, 2010
3 1