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A lie that you tell your kids that they can see through even before you finish the sentance.
You: "Shovelling snow builds - "
Kid: "yeah, yeah - give me the damn shovel!"
by Pitt Cairn July 09, 2004
Something better than what you got. Food, drugs, people of the opposite sex, people of the same sex, music, cars, etc.
Hey, mine sucks. Can I have a piece of that?
by Pitt Cairn April 26, 2004
Ha ha ha - the background is everybody who ever had more than one friendship. The definition is that it is OVAH sucker, just like you knew it was but didn't want to admit it to yourself.
But I'm gonna - so goodbye!
by Pitt Cairn July 11, 2004

For real - this saying came out at the advent of television. All the radio stars were flippin 'cause they knew they weren't going to be able to make the switch to TV, 'cause they has a "face for radio". Which is why they are largely forgotten.
Jack Benny was pretty good looking and made it to TV, but Fred Allen had a "face for radio", and never really made it. Did you know Fred was the Howard Stern of his day? He too was pulled from the air a few times.
by Pitt Cairn July 11, 2004

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