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2 definitions by PintSizeSlash3r

When you are doing something bad or illegal in your room, masturbating very loudly so the people in the next room won't come in.
Oh man I just smoked so much weed.

Crap my parents are home! Better do a cover fap so they don't come in
by PintSizeSlash3r March 29, 2011
A retarded skiier that's usually a tourist, and even more often a kid under 9 years old. They have a Joey Gap, Joey Tuck, and a Joey Wobble. They also seem to love to ruin jumps...
Guy 1 on a chairlift: Dude look at that bad skiier

Guy 2 on the same chairlift: Wow what a joey!
by pintsizeslash3r January 21, 2010