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A sexual procedure that is conducted by many High School virgins due to the fact that they believe they are going to heaven if they remain a virgin till marriage but it is much better to only suck on the males genitalia
Will you please just sit on my penis cause you give terrible Oral.
#rural #oraly #oval #ovulate #ovaries
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005
A shaft which is connected to most males that is used to persuade women into pro-choice.
I dissagree against abortion but not if you use your PENIS on me!
#penile #penuts #pentagon #peru #john paul iii
by PinSeekr October 16, 2005
A dvc is a person who is overly infatuated with his girlfriend and never lets her out of her site. A dvc is also known to be in denial about how dominating the woman is in the relationship and that he favors anal.
Dude I havent seen you in a month your always hanging with your girl, your being such a dvc.
#dbc #sinatra #italian stallion #balls #testicles #nude
by PinSeekr October 17, 2005
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