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2 definitions by Pilly

(n.) A Granny with a taste for vengence.
Jamal had been wronged, he sought out to hire a KNUCKLE SAQ to help him in his efforts to satisfy his swelling eye ball.
by Pilly September 16, 2003
an attack goth kids usually used when backed into a corner and faced with no other choice but to face an oppoinent, or animal that got too close.
H'amal was standing in school writing poems about the weeping november moon when Ekutiv came forth and jamal slaped H'amal into a corner, all the kids were laughing at H'amal, so forced to defend his goth pride, he unleashed his KNUCKLE JIGGY upon Ekutiv's genitals, quickly ceasing thier proper function.
by pilly September 17, 2003