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3 definitions by Pile It

Any language, either written or spoken, which is unintelligible, or unknown to the user of the word.
ex1: "Dude, I took a trip to switzerland, and all the signs were in scribbly!"

ex2: "Damn kids, walking our streets, yellin' all kinds of scribbly at each other!"
by Pile It December 03, 2009
Action of depositing fecal matter, typically into a toilet.

A.K.A.: #2, drop a deuce, take a dump, dropping the cosby kids off at the pool
- What's took you so long? you fall in the bowl or some shit?
- Naw man, just cutting the biggest duke of my life

- Save my seat, i'm gonna go cut a duke and come right back.
by Pile It December 03, 2009
Not to be confised with the martial art of similar pronunciation; Essentially one or more bagels, a bread invented/made popular by jews
hey buddy I just got me some fresh Jew dough...and cream cheese
by Pile It December 03, 2009