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Slang For "What's Going On Then" Commonly Used By Teenagers
"Hey What's Guanin Blud?"
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
Term Expressed When Someone Is Under the Influence of Drugs And Alcohol And Is Incredibly Out Of It.
"Crazy Night Last Night, I Got So Mashed"
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
Pikey Hoedown is a young persons party filled with chavs and unwanted visitors.
Don't invite to many people, I don't want my party turning into a Pikey Hoedown
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
Commonly Used Term Referring To Cannabis.
Hey Man You Interested In Buying Some Smoke?
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
Someone Who Is Useful In Business And Is A Slang Word For Being Someone Who Is Good At What They Do And Could Be A Good Opportunity.
"Woah This Band Is Awesome"

"Yeah There Totally Fuckable"
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009
Blue Cheese is used by teenagers who are referring to cannabis. It's origin is unknown and is commonly used by dealers.
lets go get some Blue Cheese, I fancy getting blazed tonight
by PikeyHoedown June 09, 2009

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