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1 definition by Pigeonj

The Chinese Fireball occurs during the act of a rusty trombone or conventional rimjob. While the trombone player is in the act, the receiver gives a reverse hip check, causing ass cheek to face contact, pushing the givers head back. While this happens the reverse yells "Chinese Fireball", simultaneously reaching for a lighter, and flatulating. He then proceeds to ignite the lighter creating a ball of fire in the giver's face, often causeing singed eyebrows, foul odor in face and battered pride.
Joe- "Dude did you shave your ass?"

Mike- "No, I burnt all the hair off when I gave your mom a chinese fireball the other day."

Joe- "that explains her singed eyebrows, foul face odor, and battered pride."
by Pigeonj December 05, 2007