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Either a diamond, a faggot, or a dildo.
by Pig May 08, 2003
Pointless and needy bleating of the self-appointed governors of the London district of Cunt.
by PiG June 04, 2003
When you have a stomach flu or ate to many hot wings the night before, and youre on the toilet so much that your pooping out things you have not eaten yet.
My stomach is so messed up lately ive been future pooping
by PIG January 03, 2013
when your puking so much you start puking things you haven't even eaten yet.
i was so drunk last night that i was in the back yard future puking
by PIG January 03, 2013
Slang for "Smoking Princess".

Use the term to compliment any female cigarette smoker.
"Hey fa-chotch! I gotta cannoli for yooz."
by Pig February 18, 2005
he was so *crippin*
by PiG June 03, 2003

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