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A totally cool and rad El Doodarino that everyone likes and secretly wants to be ... :)
"Hey .. See that totally cool and El Doodarino looking smoothie over there .. He's totally and utterly PiffChuck man!".
by PiffChuck June 13, 2003
Deriving from the words SCR and OTEL which in swahili mean Lee and Sharples
To say Lee Sharples is a scrotel is a total understatement .
by PiffChuck June 24, 2004
A really ugly woman .. Be it fat or just plain ugly , That smells of mushrooms
Oh My GOD .. Have you seen that fat ugly woman over there that smells like mushrooms , What a MingStool she is
by PiffChuck July 17, 2003
A word that a person such as myself uses to trey and get a google whack ;)
SkullPoppingFunkSpunks dood I will be fucking amazed if this get's a google whack
by PiffChuck March 19, 2004
A freak on a bike ..
Look at that Matt Grindrod on his push iron .. He's a real fucking Frike
by PiffChuck July 16, 2003
My friend Marvin is a Doudexteroxicatosiswankerist he wanks with both hands and feels like hes having a twosome .. He has bad breath too :)
by PiffChuck May 30, 2003
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