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The equivalent of a wigger but from the Philippines.
Q: What looks more stupid than a wigger?
A: A niggerpino!
by Pietro S May 15, 2006
This is how the person that defined baccamorte should have spelled the word. This is usually a result of hearing a word pronounced by a person that has no business talking Italian.

In any case, a beccamorto was a person during the middle ages that used to inflict pain, via a forceful bite to the finger or toe of a presumed deceaded person to ascertain whether or not they were indeed dead. This during the middleages when the life span of man was around 40-45 year and sanitation almost non-existant.

In short, "becca" = to beak, that is, to bite and "morto" = dead. To beak the dead (to find out whether they're really dead following a forceful bite to a finger or toe.)

Use beccamorto to describe someone that does not take care of their own appearance, holds a dubious role in society, looks like a stunned mullet, et cetera et cetera
Luigi, call the beccamorto - Casanova's carriage has just run over that fishwife.

Man, look at that miscegenated wigger with his pants around his arse - what a beccamorto.
by Pietro S May 14, 2006
A verb describing what a homeowner has to resort to when contracting builders and tradesmen to undertake construction work on their homes.
I can't believe we have to babysit the bricklayer, honey, he's been in the Porta-Loo for three hours, nothing is getting done and his stench is killing the chestnut tree.
by Pietro S May 13, 2006
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